Samay Yaatra Part 1 Episode 01-05 PrimePlay WEB Series (2023)


The trailer for the upcoming Primeplay web collection, Samay Yaatra, has been currently launched on YouTube. The net collection is labeled underneath the genres of  drama. Currently, Primeplay app releases one web collection according to week on its OTT platform.

Samay Yaatra Primeplay Web Series Release date

Episodes 1 and 3 of Samay Yaatra, that are exclusively available at the Primeplay app, might be launched on 14th April 2023. Each episode is anticipated to be between 15 to 30 minutes lengthy. The internet collection is produced in Hindi, Bhojpuri, Telugu, and Tamil. Language.

Watch now  Episode 1👀👇

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Watch now Episode 5👀👇

Samay Yaatra Primeplay Web Series Cast

Aishwarya Agrawal



Samay Yaatra Primeplay Web Series Wiki/Information

Name Samay Yaatra

Genre Drama

OTT Platform Primeplay App

Language Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, and Tamil

Release date 14th April 2023

Budget 20 Lakh Rupees Approx.

Season 1

Number of episodes Samay Yaatra Episode 1 – Intro

Samay Yaatra Episode 2 – Aishwarya Entry

Samay Yatra Episode three – Family Background

Samay Yatra Episode 4 – Young Dream

Samay Yatra Episode 5 – End

Episode Runtime 25 Minutes

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