Chaska Part 02 Episode 05-07 Hunters WEB Series (2023)


Recently, the Hunters App launched the Teaser Trailer for the exceedingly anticipated web series known as “Chaska Hunters.” The viewers have been pleased by means of the trailer and expressed their remarkable liking for it. Now, they eagerly watch for the opportunity to observe the entire web series. “Chaska Hunters”.

Once once more, the Hunters App has added a sequence that promises to captivate its audience. This net series is scheduled for launch day after today, and visitors can indulge in it starting from midnight. If you have got a penchant for web series, “Chaska Hunters” is undoubtedly a have to-watch, offering some thing definitely unique.

Today, I am here to provide you with a complete evaluate of the web collection, so allow’s delve into it swiftly. From the solid to the overview, story, release date, and where to observe it on line, I will provide you with all the statistics you want regarding the fascinating “Chaska Hunters” internet series.

Chaska Hunters Web Series Info

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Series Name Chaska

Genre Dharma

Lead Cast Ritu Rai



Director Porus

Season 1

Total Episode 7

Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali

Release date 24 May 2023

There Platform Hunters App 

Chaska Hunters Web Series Cast Name 

Let’s explore the whole forged of the Chaska Hunters Web Series.

Ritu Rai Acharya as Nimrat

Sunita as Deepa

Radhika as Simran

Anshuman as Aditya

Ravi as Diljit

Sanjay as Director

Vinod Tripathi as Doctor

Alok Nath Pathak as Manjit

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