Bhabhi ka Bhaukal (Season 01) Part 04 Episode 07 & 08 Web Series RabbitMovies (2023)


Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Part 04 is a Rabbit original web collection in Hindi language. Actress Ruks Khandagale plays the lead position inside the collection. The web collection became directed by means of Sameer Salim Khan and produced by means of Karigar Arts in association with Rabbit Movies Private Limited. The story of Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal was written through Satvir Bairagi and Chittaranjan Dhal become the cinematographer.

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Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Cast

Ruks Khandagale as Sima

Leena Singh as Soni

Preeti Puneet as Bhabhi


Series Name Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal

Series Name In Hindi เคญाเคญी เค•ा เคญौเค•ाเคฒ

OTT Rabbit

Main Cast Ruks Khandagale

Release Date September 2023

Duration 18 - 20 minutes

Total Episodes 04

0 Reviews

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