Antarvasna (Season 02) Part 01 Episode 04 & 06 PrimePlay WEB Series (2023)


Primeplay app revealed the quick teaser of Antarvasna 2 internet series for enthusiasts. As promised, Primeplay app started releasing two net series in every week, very just like Ullu app. This week, Primeplay app continues to release new episodes of Aakhri Iccha net collection and Antarvasna 2 net collection on their due date.

Watch now Full Episode 04 👀👇

Watch now Full Episode 05 👀👇

Watch now Full Episode 06 👀👇

Antarvasna 2 Primeplay Web Series Cast

Pooja Singh

Bharti Jha

Antarvasna 2 Primeplay Web Series Key Details

Web Series Name Antarvasna 2

Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri

Genre Drama

Director Porus

Release Date 28th September 2023.

Cast Pooja Singh

Bharti Jha

Duration Approx. 15-25 Minutes

Online Streaming Platform Primeplay App

Actress Name Pooja Singh

Bharti Jha

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